Carpentry, custom furniture, wooden house repair, oak barrels and barrel maintenance

15 professional woodworkers and a modern production facility ensure your work is done professionally and reliably. There is more than one reason for success, but for us the most important ones are enjoying our work and our high quality of work and service. Environmental issues are also very important to us.

  • Unique fitted furnishings for home, kitchen,office, restaurants etc. You name it.
  • Serial production: Airam, Olvi, Hartwall, BlackBrook Brewer (Mustan
    Virran Panimo), Kotipizza, Saunasella, City of Helsinki, Sipoo Parish
  • Structural repairs of wooden and log houses, casting molds, patios, saunas, fences, gates
  • We can assemble your product or, for example a terrace with just wood pins
  • Sales, repair and maintenance of oak barrels. Distilleries, wine and beer producers. Also barrels for interior decor.
  • Hourly rates including VAT 24%: carpentry/joinery €62, carpentry and professional painter's work €52, helper €40
  • Contracts for a fixed price

    - High quality woodworking since 1985 -


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